TREND: Business Travellers want to be Digital Nomads


Remote work and digital nomads have been identified as one of the top business travel trends for 2022. Digital nomads are people who earn their living by working from locations of their choosing, relying on technology to do so. BCD Travel Research & Innovation did a survey of 876 business travellers worldwide.

Research showed that 8 in 10 business travellers work remotely part of the time. 5 in 10 respondents reported that a mix of remote and office work optimised their wellbeing, while 4 in 10 said full-time remote work contributed the most to their wellbeing.

The most valuable outtake from the research was that business travellers would embrace digital nomadism if their employer was willing to embrace the concept.

Technology and societal changes have contributed to multiple new ways of working. This trend towards more remote working was given impetus by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many workers obliged to embrace remote working, if only temporarily.
This trend is gathering momentum and employment policies are embracing the change.

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