At MyResidence, we have noticed several shifts in our client’s needs under the global pandemic. With uncertainty controlling the world at the moment, clients have prioritised slightly different factors when choosing temporary accommodation.

Flexibility is a crucial element to our clients; they are looking for accommodation that will allow for an extension or cancellation if need be. Previously there was a strict set of guidelines that laid out cancellation terms, these now need to be more accommodating.

Clients are looking for more comfortable apartments that offer space for them to live and work. As a large portion of work across the world takes place online, clients are looking for accommodation with ‘work from home’ facilities.

We have noticed a change in demand for the size of teams that are being travelled overseas. Previously large teams were travelling overseas and looking for a number of rooms in a specific area. We have observed that now teams are largely consolidated and more situated to where each of them needs to be. There is still a drive towards the major cities in the African countries and clients are now more particular on the area of city they would like to stay in.

Clients are looking for more long-term accommodation for the most part, wanting somewhere that is going to provide them with benefits of short term living on a long term scale.

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