Lodging with Love: Why You Should Choose Pet-Friendly Serviced Apartments


What is a Pet-Friendly Apartment?

A pet-friendly apartment is one that specifically caters to the needs of pet owners and their animals. It provides a welcoming and cordial environment for business travelers and their favourite four-legged friend. Pet-friendly Apartments are desirable for their pet amenities, which are not usually found in the average apartment complex. However, they can sometimes be hard to find since many landlords are nervous about renting to pet owners.

Although some apartment buildings may allow pets, there is a huge contrast between pet-friendly apartments and apartments that allow pets. While the latter may be open to the idea of pets, it does not have any of the convenient amenities that pet-friendly apartments have, often have strict rules against loud animal noises, and might even put breed restrictions in place.

In the past a pet-friendly apartment might have been an anomaly, making business traveling especially hard for pet owners who have to go through the heartbreaking experience of watching a fluffy pouty face stare with sad eyes as they leave home. Now, ‘’pawrents’’, as pet owners are being called, no longer need to make the compromise of leaving their pets behind when travelling for business. The nature of pet-friendly accommodation is that it allows pawrents to take their furry babies along with them on unforgettable adventures!

The notion of pet-friendly accommodation has gained great traction all over the African continent post COVID. While there are some establishments that make travelling with a pet difficult or nearly impossible, there are also establishments that are exceptionally welcoming. However, finding such establishments is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you are trying to do so while sitting in an entirely different country.

This is where MyResidence Africa seeks to help you. Over the past years, we have collected a portfolio of information across all the countries on the African continent. Our task is to provide you with all the information you may need on the availability and locations of pet-friendly apartments in the country that you plan to travel to, so that you can have a comfortable stay with your furry loved one. MyResidence has worked hard at building trusted relationships with their property portfolio to encourage establishments to accept pets and guide them on how they can best manage a furry friend’s stay. This has had a positive impact on the establishments and certainly for those traveling with their furry loved ones.


Amazing Benefits of Staying at Pet-Friendly Apartment

Travelling with a pet is not only a relief for the business traveler, but also works in everyone’s favour. There are plenty of benefits to staying in pet-friendly apartments, some of which we have outlined below:

  • Pet-friendly amenities: Pet-friendly apartments are often furnished with an array of suitable amenities for the little creature’s enjoyment and the business traveler’s convenience. Pet-friendly apartment amenities include cleanup stations, on-site pet-sitters, an in-unit washer, a dog door, and a yard or dog run.


  • Pet-friendly neighbours: Staying in a pet-friendly apartment will inevitably mean that your neighbours will be likely to either have pets of their own or be accepting of your pet. What’s great about this is that it means you will be less likely to have to listen to annoying complaints if your pet gets a little noisy.


  • A pet-friendly landlord: You are much less likely to encounter a Cruella Deville-type character if you live in a pet-friendly rental. However, you will still be responsible for any damage that your pet may cause to the rental unit.


  • Socialisation: Living in a pet-friendly community is a wonderful way for you and your pet to make new friends wherever you are staying. This is especially helpful if there are communal play areas or pet-friendly events planned.


The Best Pet-Friendly Options for Business Travelers

  • Corporate housing: Corporate housing is a great option for business travelers who need a place to stay for a few weeks or even months. Corporate housing providers typically offer furnished apartments or homes that are fully equipped with everything you need, including kitchen appliances, bedding, and towels.


  • Extended-stay hotels: Extended-stay hotels are another good option for business travelers with pets. Extended-stay hotels typically offer larger rooms or suites than traditional hotels, as well as amenities like kitchens and laundry facilities.


  • Pet sitters: Pet-friendly accommodations often have in-house pet sitters that are there for your convenience. If you prefer not to leave your pet alone in your room, you can always take them to be cared for by the pet sitter while you are away.


MyResidence Africa can assist in finding the best serviced apartment for extended stay options for you and your pet. Our services are conducted in such a way that we give priority to your needs. Whether you choose to stay at one of our many serviced apartment options, or whether you choose to stay at our extended-stay hotels, we are committed to finding you the most favourable lodgings for you and your furry plus one. You’ll never have to choose between business and your pet again!


Let us help you Lodge with Love!

MyResidence Africa has numerous partners all over Africa and South Africa that provides pet-friendly accommodations of all types to suit the needs and preferences of business travelers. For options for your business traveler with pets please contact our team.

MyResidence Africa is dedicated to constant service improvement, and gaining new partners is a great way to do so. We are constantly liaising with property partners and seeking new opportunities to improve our service delivery. In all our years in the serviced accommodation industry, we have learned that every business traveler’s needs are different, and we devote ourselves to meeting those individual needs.

So, if you are tired of having to compromise between business travelling and your tiny tot, join the MyResidence family today!


Click here to read up more on our services, or email info@myresidence.africa to reap the benefits of our hard work!



Written by Saudika Hendricks