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Curious to know what sets apart from the rest?

 Myresidence.Africa prides itself as the sole independent provider of comprehensively vetted, extended stay, executive accommodation. All our properties are stringently vetted ensuring our client’s safety and comfort.

At myresidence we totally understand the inconvenience and frustration associated with being misled which could be as a result of booking online, trusting that the visuals on the property website are what you will receive upon check in. We basically eliminate the surprise element by ensuring that you as our client receive the best service and most importantly, value for money

Our systematic vetting process is detailed, thorough and applies to all our properties. Most companies do not seek to go this route, often misleading potential clients. This differentiates us from the rest as there is no other company across Africa that goes through these lengths to ensure that clients expectations are met, if not exceeded.

During the vetting process we inspect the property’s design, structures, amenities, and condition, measuring its proximity to its advertised description. It is not simply verifying an apartment or an area online or via phone calls, it is a detailed thorough process which is steered with the assistance of our trusted on the ground agents across the continent of Africa

Having our on the ground agents conducting the vetting assessments is a huge plus as well as our unique selling point. Many companies that offer executive accommodation are normally not even based in Africa nor the cities where they are offering the service and basically rely on images which are often misleading

Below are the steps we follow in order to refer to a property as fully vetted:

  • The Initial Search: This is reviewing the property online and establishing communication with the property owner.
  • Paperwork: We dispatch comprehensive paperwork for completion.
  • Physical vetting by our local field agents: The agent receives our mandate, a form to complete and several instructions on the execution of the vetting. They attend the property, meet the staff, assess all areas of the premises, test Wi-Fi, assess the staff on their problem-solving skills, language skills, knowledge of the industry etc.
  • Property Partner: If they have passed the above-mentioned phases, they become a fully verified property partner of ours and receive the appropriate stamp of approval.

All these steps are taken to ensure that we remain the best service provider for executive temporary accommodation in and across the African continent

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