Adam Kane-Smith: Business Development Manager

Adam Kane-Smith is the Business Development Manager for My Residence. Adam has extensive experience in the evaluation of property investment opportunities, the structuring of property investments and the negotiation of both the acquisition and disposal of property investment.

“A Chartered Accountant with a passion for property” – says Adam Kane-Smith describing himself.  Kane-Smith is the Business Development Manager of MyResidence.

Adam’s interests surpass the field of temporary service accommodation. Kane-Smith holds roles in other business in the property and associated industries, one being the Manager of a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) for almost 20 years. His expertise in the different industries makes him the perfect candidate in the demanding and competitive industry of temporary service accommodation.

“MyResidence has positioned itself and the leading temporary accommodation specialist on the African Continent. This has been achieved in just three years and during the COVID-19 crisis. This positions MyResidence well to service the demand for executive quality vetted temporary accommodation.  We anticipate ours is a market set to explode as the pandemic crisis dissipates and foreign investment and interest in the African continent accelerates.”

Kane-Smith says that My Residence aims to set the standard in the variety and quality of accommodation offered, the systems and processes in place ensuring regular property vetting and providing comprehensive quotes for clients across all spectrums. Kane-Smith believes that MyResidence will continue to grow exponential over the next three years. The teams aim to add additional technology to their operations to ensure not only a competitive edge but efficiency in the corporate temporary accommodation market in Africa. Thereafter, he hopes that My Residences will add its own stock of executive to the market while it continues to grow its customer base.


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