Pro’s & Conferences

  At MyResidence.Africa we warmly embrace industry conferences for a number of reasons.  We see them as an opportunity to discover new ideas & practices, which help us grow our business to ever-changing client needs.  While you can connect with almost anyone through social media, there’s no substitute for meeting someone in-person. Good business conferences…


MyResidence: Vaccine Passports in Africa

VACCINE PASSPORTS IN AFRICA The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a guidance document on introducing a digital Covid-19 vaccination certificate – known as a Digital Documentation of Covid-19 Certificates: Vaccination Status (DDCC:VS). What is a vaccination passport? A vaccine passport is a document that serves as proof that you have been vaccinated or protected against certain…


MyResidence: Talking Tips and Tricks

MyResidence Tips and Tricks: Travel and accommodation agents can make a trip to a foreign country much easier, and reduce the administrative work you do not want to deal with by a mile. From the process of booking through to your arrival and even your stay, there are ways that YOU can make your agent’s…