MyResidence: Talking Tips and Tricks

MyResidence Tips and Tricks:

Travel and accommodation agents can make a trip to a foreign country much easier, and reduce the administrative work you do not want to deal with by a mile. From the process of booking through to your arrival and even your stay, there are ways that YOU can make your agent’s life ten times easier, which in turn will improve the quality of your stay.

Although there is a variety of information on the internet and everything you need at a fingers’ swipe, travel experts and advisors are important partners.

Trust Your Travel and Accommodation Advisor

Your travel advisor is an expert. You need to trust their expertise. They have a network of travel agent experts, accommodation experts, housing agents, plumbers, electricians, property partners who have partnered up to work together.

A quote by Larry Olmsted’s in his “5 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Agent – More Than Ever” article: “but there’s no amount of research you can do or a number of travel magazines you can read that can match that kind of institutional experience and collective expertise”. We spoke to our agent Tanja Glatz about what to avoid when booking a trip and tips to make your booking process seamless.

Do Your Research

Researching every aspect of your travel journey is imperative. This includes the country, the housing, schooling, immigration and the health protocols in the country. Research gives you better insight into the destination you are travelling to, gives you additional information on what to look forward to and what to avoid. The more research you have done, the better you can prepare yourself.

Learn about transport options. If you are considering using public transportation, research which bus or train lines are considered the most reliable, how frequently they run and how long they take in relation to your workplace. Research housing, transportation, healthcare, and food prices to create a realistic budget.

Always be open and transparent about your budget.

Accommodation is the most crucial part of the stay. Depending on your financial

capabilities and travel goals, you will focus on a particular category of accommodation. This could be a villa, a serviced apartment or complex area. Being transparent about your budget narrows the admin time of finding quotes, duplicating quotes and finding the right property partner for you.

Be transparent about accommodation preference.

Give your agent the exact and full address you would like to be close to. This could be your office address, a favourite beach or mall you will frequent.

It is important to tell your accommodation agent your preferences. When you fill out your application be sure to tell us about the accommodation preferences you have. Preferences help narrow our accommodation search and find you something that is closely matched to your preferences. Your accommodation preferences include your health needs concerning your accommodation. This includes disabilities, mental health problems and skin conditions etc. This helps us make your new home an accessible one suited to your health needs.

Communication is KEY

As your primary source of help, we want to speak the same language as you. Communicating effectively and consistently helps reduce travel anxiety and maintain a good relationship between us. It is important that you make requests, ask questions, give feedback and always feel prioritized. This lets us know that we are doing a good job and how to improve our operations.

Our property partners are an extension of us. You have 24/7 access to them. The accommodation staff and reception area have been excellently trained and experienced in customer services. Ask them questions about the area, local spots to hang out, the amenities in the building and any areas of concern. They are there for you.


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