MyResidence: Addressing Travel Anxiety

Addressing Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is something often spoken about, especially when travelling to Africa. Furthermore, the COVID-19 panic has heightened travel anxiety. Simply put, travel anxiety is the fear of travelling to an unfamiliar place. This causes an individual to feel stressed or depressed when travelling to a new place. These symptoms manifest into the physical body causing nausea, chest palpitations, restlessness, panic attacks and insomnia.

There is a perceived risk of Africa as a continent with pervasive chaos and conflict. We as tourism and global mobility experts understand this risk perception of safety and security. We work tirelessly to ensure our clients are at ease.  The best way to deal with travel anxiety is to assess potential risks, directly address your concerns with your travel and accommodation agent and make decisions accordingly.

As travel and accommodation experts, we must evade this perceived risk by not trying to evade questions but by addressing the concerns and modifying travel behaviour. The Center for Treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders writes a wonderful article on ways to overcome travel anxiety to make you feel in control.  Here are a few tips:

  1. Improve your coping skills and coping mechanisms.
  2. Practice relaxation techniques before your trip.
  3. Travel with a companion who is an experienced flyer.

Here is what MyResidence does to make you feel in control: Earlier this year, we sent our property partners a letter introducing stricter vetting guidelines and forms to ensure that they are following our standards. MyResidence independently vets all their accommodation. In our article called The Importance of Accommodation Vetting, we state: “MyResidence has a comprehensive and systematic vetting process. From the initial stages, internal vetting between MyResidence and prospective property partners, right through to training our field agents to conduct comprehensive physical vetting in each city in Africa. They are trained and equipped with tools in examining apartment amenities, their structure, conditions, and submitting a full report to us. This report is inclusive of a completed report, a scorecard, and pictures.”

If you are worried about contact at our many different destinations, do not fear. We have on-the-ground field agents in all our countries who will be ready to help you with anything you need. Our staff is trained and equipped to deal with any problem you are facing.

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has worsened travel anxiety amongst international travellers. MyResidence has taken steps to ensure our properties are following the necessary international guidelines and protocols required for COVID-19 compliance.  All our staff have been adequately equipped with Covid-19 training and COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Temperature checking and strict COVID-19 Risk assessment forms are employed to manage risk transmission.

We are always open to communicate and best help you through your travel anxiety. Your concerns are valid. Your feelings are valid. MyResidence does its utmost best to ensure your safety and health is our top priority.



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