A Guide through our Booking Process

Welcome to booking with MyResidence. We have a hassle-free, reliable, and prompt booking system. In this article, we guide you through this process. Our Client and Legal Service Advisor, Tanja Glatz gives us insight into your questions.


The client sends MyResidence a booking request via email.

You have logged into www.myresidence.africa. You submit a query via our website with your destination and the arrival and departure dates. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The client sends MyResidence a booking request via email.

You (whether you are an individual, a direct client, company or agency) send us a request via our email: info@myresidence.africa. In this email, you will include

  1. Full details: Your name, contact details and address of the individual or the company
  2. Location of this Booking
  3. Arrival and Departure dates
  4. Budget
  5. Apartment specifics: Rooms, Utilities, Your non-negotiables, and your special requests.

PROTIP: Provide as many details as possible so we can provide the most accurate quote.


MyResidence responds to your booking request


Note: Companies will have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) ) to protect our property details.

The MyResidence team then works hard to give you an accurate quote for your requests. You receive the quote from MyResidence and you are in the clear to respond whether you accept or reject this quote,


You have accepted the quote and are ready to book.

You have now booked. MyResidence will send you full details of the property and check-in instructions.

You will now need to send through payment and Proof of Payment (POP) well before check-in.

NOTE: Payment can be made through electronic funds transfer (EFT) in USD or South African Rands.

MyResidence checklist pending arrival

It is a couple of weeks before your arrival. MyResidence prides itself in having a comprehensive vetting and inspection process. We want to ensure your apartment is ready for you.

Read more on MyResidence Vetting Process: https://myresidence.africa/the-importance-of-accommodation-vetting/


The Day of Arrival

When you arrive at your destination, you will be greeted by reception and taken to your apartment.

Note: Our apartments are executive-level serviced apartments – https://myresidence.africa/serviced-apartments-versus-hotels/

How you can reach us through your stay

MyResidence is available to you for any assistance during your stay. We have field agents that we can reach your destination. We are always on the ground.

The departure of the client

You as the client will confirm the date they leave before they check-in, so they simply hand keys over to the property partner.

If you need to extend or leave earlier, you may contact us, and MyResidence will make all the necessary arrangements. Happy booking!


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