Serviced Apartments versus Hotels

A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment that is available for both long-term and short terms stay. They are fully equipped with hotel-like amenities, including soft furnishings and things you need to make your stay a home.



Serviced apartments are generally 30% bigger than hotel rooms, therefore more value or in this case, space for your money. You no longer have to eat and sleep on your bed. In a serviced apartment, there is additional space for smaller furnishings like coffee tables and chairs to dine at.



Enjoy the flexibility of being able to do laundry while your cottage pie is in the oven and you are taking a shower. You no longer have to adhere to ‘breakfast times’ or opting to order at restaurants. Cost-effective and convenient. Furthermore, this is the perfect advantage for individuals with strict dietary requirements.



Serviced apartments have dishwashers which means you can clean after yourself at any time and at your convenience. Secondly, most serviced apartments have washing machines and tumble driers. This saves you spending costs on laundry services. Hotels often advertise free WiFi but are often restricted to a certain amount of time before paying additional costs. The other downside is that the free WiFi is often overcrowded and slow.  The majority of serviced apartments have free WiFi, some even offer rental of office equipment such as printers and scanners.



Hotels are meant for shorter stays whereas serviced apartments are geared towards stays for over a month or longer. It is difficult to stay in a hotel over an extended period without a kitchen or laundry facilities. Serviced apartments have all the facilities to make your space into your home.



Serviced apartments charge per apartment, not per person per night. You save on room service and dining out, there are also no ‘hidden extras’. You save on exorbitant hotel restaurant and fast-food order costs. You save on hotel laundry services. The cost of staying at these serviced apartments can be often 25-30% lesser than staying at hotels. You can choose to rent the serviced apartments for a day, or even on a monthly basis. The rates can be fixed on daily, weekly, monthly or even much longer periods.