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The African continent is an attractive investment destination for multinational companies and businesses. Mass, long term projects that help boost the economy of Africa, create employment and expand access to healthcare and education are prevalent during these times. My Residence offers long-term accommodation bookings for these projects requiring a large number of assignees. There is a higher level of security and the complexity of making sure that all assignees are afforded a similar quality of accommodation and experience. With the largest portfolio of temporary accommodation in Africa that has been independently vetted, we are well equipped to book mass stays.

Mass stays refer to the provision of temporary accommodation for a large number of assignees simultaneously. Companies and businesses that have mass projects requiring a large number of employees working on the project such as agricultural projects, engineering projects etc that require over tens of people to hundreds of assignees assigned to it.

Often, mass projects like these need an extensive amount of time to complete, requiring a long-term booking. Our Business Development Manager, Adam Kane-Smith says, “Larger projects require several accommodation providers offering the same level of service and specification.  These mass assignments typically require the coordination of detailed logistics relating to airport transfers and orientation programs for the assignees.”

Mass Long-Term Packages We Offer

In addition to booking the accommodation for a mass long stay project MyResidence also offers services that would typically be associated with a Destination Service Provider.  These include things like the preparation of an orientation ahead of a transfer and addition orientation on arrival, arranging airport transfers, arranging welcome baskets and or fridge stocking services and arranging ongoing in city transport for assignees.

MyResidence is equipped with on-the-ground agents who are experienced service providers to the expat industry in over 40 cities in Africa. These field agents are also equipped to source additional accommodation that is to the standard and the convenience of the client.

MyResidence prides itself on having secured two assignments this year that have been on a grand scale – requiring us to source several properties to accommodate a dozen assignees. These are long-term projects, with the booking set to continue for more than two years. MyResidence has sourced accommodation in half a dozen cities on the continent for multinational companies in cities such as Lagos, Nigeria and Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Kane-Smith remarks, “MyResidence may offer mass bookings but for all our stays, but we value the personal touch and realise mass stays are not fitted to be put in hotel rooms. ” Assignees will be given a list of contacts to use during their stay.  This means that calls will be answered if an assignee needs any assistance at any time. This is to ensure that your safety and security is prioritised and that you are always happy.

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