When Should You Partner with a Serviced Apartment Travel Management Company

When Should You Partner with a Serviced Apartment Travel Management Company?

For fast-growing businesses, everyday decisions are often a moving target. Your needs today might be very different from your needs a month from now. 

This begs the question, when is the right time to bring in a partner to manage your accommodation for your business travel? 


Why Partner with a Serviced Apartment Travel Management Company? 

Companies like myresidence gives a business the structure and support that you need to handle a large volume of serviced apartment travel bookings across the African continent. 

They’ll give you access where travellers, travel arrangers and travel managers can book business accommodation. They’ll provide support when your travellers need it on the road if travel plans don’t go as planned.  

A serviced apartment travel management company will transform scattershot bookings into a strategic lever to help you save, build your company culture, gain a competitive advantage and even give you a leg up on attracting and retaining talent. 

When is the Right Time? 

The short answer is NOW!  

If you’d like to streamline business travel spending while enhancing the travel experience for your employees, then it’s time to bring in a serviced apartment travel management company.  

And for fast-growing businesses, it makes even more sense to get systems in place, with details such as a travel policy and approval processes, before an onslaught of new hires makes it exponentially more difficult. 

At myresidence, we often talk to companies that ask…  

“Am I not too small to receive a benefit from partnering with a serviced apartment travel management company?”’ 

Our answer is simple… 

“If you are looking for cost savings, travel management process improvements, or an amenity that creates a hassle-free experience for your business travellers, then YES, you can benefit from our services in Africa. 


What is the Next Step? 

The first step in shifting to a professional company to manage your serviced apartment travel is to take stock of how you view travel and accommodation bookings. The biggest piece of advice I would give fast-growing companies switching from unmanaged long-term stay arrangements to managed long-term stay arrangements is to think of travel not as an unnecessary cost, but as an investment.  

And as an investment, think about the benefits in terms of value when you leave the arrangements to professionals. 

Thinking of outsourcing your accommodation bookings for your business travel as a strategic investment unlocks all sorts of smooth, hassle-free travel arrangements, you can also factor in elements such as traveller well-being, employee safety, culture fit, risk management, volume consolidation for negotiated rates and much more. 


The Bottom Line? 

Do not wait until a problem arises with your business travel. Take a proactive approach by partnering with us at myresidence, so you can start shaping a travel programme that will serve you not just today, but at every stage of your growth. 


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