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How to Choose The Right Accommodation for Your Business Travel 

With ever-increasing stay options far beyond just hotels, selecting the right accommodation for your business travel needs is no easy task. In today’s interconnected world, the range of accommodation options available for business travellers has expanded significantly.  Business travellers tend to look far beyond traditional hotels. There are a range of alternatives, such as serviced apartments, extended-stay…

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When Should You Partner with a Serviced Apartment Travel Management Company

When Should You Partner with a Serviced Apartment Travel Management Company? For fast-growing businesses, everyday decisions are often a moving target. Your needs today might be very different from your needs a month from now.  This begs the question, when is the right time to bring in a partner to manage your accommodation for your…


How SMEs can Benefit from Serviced Apartment Management Companies

Business travel is as important to small businesses as it is to larger organisations. The ability to attend events and trade fairs, as well as meet clients, partners, suppliers, investors, and stakeholders face-to-face strengthens relationships and fosters ideas and knowledge-sharing.   This is vital to SMEs (small-to-medium-sized enterprises), especially after months of lockdowns and economic disruption. …